Leadership Challenge

I follow a long-held dream in offering

Executive Leadership Training

Pilot Pioneer Program

Fall 2018

The New School

Manhattan, New York, New York


in cooperation with

Columbia University

in the City of New York


Leadership Challenge Reloaded

with focus on sustainability management

Spring 2019

The New School

Manhattan, New York, New York


upcoming trainings

Fall 2019 & Spring 2020

Manhattan, New York, New York


The Leadership Challenge

is based on

Leading by Self-Determination

in a

self-chosen Learning-by-Experience simulation

when pushing out of one’s comfort zone


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Personal Leadership Assets

are practiced as

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

to create cognitive leeway

for complex decision making under constraints



The training complements

Leadership with Followership strategies


Depth Psychology Insights

are revealed as

Individual Noise Controls (INCs)

to learn how to cope with emotional constraints

for a rational yet socially responsible solution finding



Financial decision making in times of stress

(in cooperation with Sigma Valuation Consulting 2019)


The training weaves together insights from

Behavioral Economics

Psychological underpinnings

Military emotion control

Aviation operation cognition

Julia class picture zoomed 10.23.18

Guest lecture: Lieutenant Caroline Johnson, October 23, The New School

Upcoming Leadership Challenges:

Advanced Pilot Study

Spring 2019

The New School, New York



Roll-out of Training

September 2019

Manhattan, New York, New York



International Leadership Association (ILA)

Annual Meeting 2018

Palm Beach County Convention Center

West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

October 26, 2018



Global Responsible Intergenerational Leadership (2017)

Held on constant display

at Harvard University Library


Behavioral Economics Leadership and Followership (work in progress)


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